Support anyone’s mental health.
Learn powerful, evidenced skills to support the mental health of anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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How Support Skills help

Resolve tough emotions

Help people find respite from difficult feelings like sadness and anger

Build trust and connection

Swap hesitance and confrontation for collaboration and good will

Foster positive emotions

Guide people toward feelings like curiosity, clarity, and calm


Make a difference, naturally

Share natural conversations that quickly help people to feel better. Using Mental Health Support Skills, you can assist a person to improve their mental state in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Support Skills


Use the Skills whatever the context, situation, or setting at hand


Demonstrated to work across both the short term, and the long term


Suitable for all types of relationships, both formal and informal

Proven techniques

Mental Health Support Skills teaches the same techniques used by mental health processionals, drawing from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and psychotherapy.

What participants say


Feel confident offering help

Mental Health Support Skills help participants to feel competent in responding to virtually any situation involving another person.