Benefits of training


Build a culture of care

Mental Health Support Skills builds upon our natural tendency for curiosity, compassion, and care, outfitting participants with skills that channel our strength for supporting one another.

Whether you’re seeking to boost staff resilience, increase team cohesion or better support clients, Mental Health Support Skills provides skills that help build stronger human connections.

Staff benefits

Increase confidence

Equip staff to confidently and helpfully respond to anger, disagreement, and other workplace difficulties

Improve relationships

Improve relationships they share with work colleagues, as well as outside, with friends and family

Boost well-being

Improve relationships between team members by providing staff the tools for natural, caring conversations

Relevant and engaging training

We know that every organization has different needs, so we offer a range of tailored and turnkey training programs to help your organization reach its mental health goals.

Through conversation with a dedicated trainer, we will help you deploy a customized training solution that is simultaneously relevant to your organization needs, and engaging for your staff.


Organizational benefits

Stronger teams

Our training normalizes mental health support as something all people are positioned to provide to others

Enhanced service

Participants learn to use the skills with colleagues and clients, as well as their family, friends, and community

Lasting impact

Support Skills are fun to learn and easy to apply, which makes for long-term retention and lasting benefit


Start a conversation

Reach out to start a conversation with one of our trainers. Whether you have questions about the training or would like to start planning one, we can help.