About Mental Health Support Skills


Designed for wellness

Mental Health Support Skills teaches you to understand what mental health is, how to talk about it, and how to help a person improve theirs. It’s simple, fun to use, and effective.

Because it focuses on emotions — things we all possess and understand — you can use Mental Health Support Skills in any conversation, with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The curriculum

Standard program

What is mental health?

Learn the five components of mental health that are under our control, including what they look like, how they show up, and how they are enhanced.

Standard program

The four support skills

Learn and apply four powerful communication skills to deepen understanding, foster connection, and build collaboration toward improved mental health.

Standard program

Providing mental health support

Providing effective support is an art that can be learned. Apply the four skills and help support people in restoring their mental health and well-being.

Standard program

Supporting yourself

We need to support ourselves to support others. Discover novel techniques for supporting yourself day-to-day, and after experiencing difficult situations.

Advanced program

Providing long-term support

Mental health problems may or may not resolve on their own. Learn how to support a person over the long-term, as they navigate their journey.

Advanced program

When a person needs more support

We can't help every time. Learn the signals that a person requires greater support, how to locate these, and how to quickly connect a person to them.

Arrange a training

Our trainers arrange dedicated trainings for groups of 5 to 100 people. Get in touch to start a conversation about how Mental Health Support Skills can be deployed in your organization.

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